Secure Key it's easy to use, you can connect it to the usb plug, compose your four digit unlock key sequence, and type the desired password keypad sequence to obtain the desired strong password from 12 to 128 characters.

Secure Key A1, use two personal PINs, a kay pad alpha numeric sequence and a proprietary algorithm to generate your strong passwords.

It does not store the passwords, but generates them when you need, for this reason you never lose any password also in case of device destruction. When you compose a specific Key Pad sequence, you will obtain every time the same password. This happen thanks to the two personal PINs code stored inside of it.

In ufficio

Easy and...

Safe because it can creates more than trillions of possible combinations that you don't need to saveremember or type. 


Fast because it generates  and types up to 64 digit passwords in less than 2 seconds.  


Masked password grants you an extra security level. If  for any reason someone will be able to reach your "Masked Password List" he will not be able to use it without your Secure Key device. 

Furthermore the Secure Key device is protected by your 4 digit secret password PUK.


This means that no one will be able to generate your password without three important factors:

1) your device's secret unlock key PUK

2) your Secure Key device PINs

3) a copy of your masked password list

You can save your password in a Cloud file, in an USB key or in a paper notes. In any case remember to make the copy of your Masked Password list, PINs and PUK.

The two PINs are the most important information and must be kept separated in a safe place. Don't store the PINs in a USB key or in a computer or in the phone or in any other electronic device to avoid any malicious remote theft.

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Facebook account 


Cripto wallet 1


Google drive 

Save your masked

passwords in the Cloud
to reach it every ware.

Google, Dropbox, Ftp, etc.

Lost, forgot or Damaged?

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Emergency Remote
Support Service

Subscribe our international emergency  support service to receive up to 5 passwords per year directly on your mobile phone.

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Backup Device

Use a new Secure Key device to generate your password. Insert your PINs and start to generate the same passwords. 

Buy our backup device now or  later.


Fast Replace Service

Subscribe  international "Fast Replace Service"  to receive one new device with the  fastest shipping method.

Included in the subscription, 3 email support requests. 

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